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Goshin Karatedo Senmon Gakkou- Where traditional karate lives and grows

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Karate Training

Goshin karate-do has a Human Values programme for both adults and children that is based on Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-violence. This is traditional Karate training. This program called Educare educating students about caring for family, friends and humanity as a whole, as well as the environment

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Yoga & Meditation

Regular practice of Yoga will protect you from depression and help you stay bright-minded, while recognizing the signals that depression is giving you. Complete relaxation and meditation practice show you how to access the strength and power of your inner self for a support system that keeps you going.

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This amazing new system in Self-Defence has been designed so that people of any age, fitness level or ability will be able to learn and implement the techniques taught by the Kancho Deena Naidu and the Black Belt Teachers of Goshin Kan. We train people at their workplace, schools and offices.

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Why you should join us

Take your training to the next level. Obtain skills to advance your career and education opportunities. Full time and part time courses.

The program is designed to give the students the flexibility and the allowance to work to their full potential by focusing on his/her training for a set period of time(1-3 years) with little or no distractions. They will make excellent teachers and will understand the art completely. This includes the history, philosophy and techniques that make up traditional Karatedo.

We are committed to safe, caring educational environment, supporting and encouraging the personal growth.